Saturday, 5 September 2015


September is an exciting (although at times, daunting) month. In England September means two things: 

1) the end of summer


 Or in my case, onto my second year at university as an english lit undergraduate. YAS. 

My first year at university was the loveliest year of my life. I became friends with likeminded people who inspired me with their intelligence, open mindedness, and refreshing sense of adventure. I loved pretty much every minute of my degree (apart from the poetry module... those lectures were so excruciatingly boring I'm sure they could be categorised as a form of torture). My campus is cosy and welcoming, and there's just so much to explore in the surrounding area too!

Of course, this time last year I was a nervous wreck, but I knew that no matter what, university would change my life somehow. And it has. So far for the better, and I can only pray it stays that way! 

In September 2014, I had pretty much no interest in politics. Actually I just preferred to live by the 'ignorance is bliss' philosophy and the only things I read were fantasy, and classics. Nothing wrong with that of course, but I am thankful that my degree, and my friends helped open up my mind to so many different topics that I was oblivious too. Now, postcolonial literature is one of my favourite things, in fact I chose it over a module that basically consists of everything Jane Austen! The 15 year old version of me would've never believed it. 

I'll always have a soft spot for everything fantasy, YA, and the classics but when I realised how much I DON'T KNOW about the world and how much reading I have yet to do... it made me wish I could devour a whole library of all the knowledge. 

Last year we didn't get to choose our modules, but this year we did and there were SO MANY OPTIONS. After weeks of going back and forth I finally managed to pick 5.

The modules I'm taking this year are:
  • Arthurian Literature from Geoffrey of Monmouth to Game of Thrones 
  • Victorian Fictions
  • Postcolonial and Global Literatures
  • Black Writing in Britain
  • James Baldwin and American Civil Rights

Having to limit myself to five modules was a frustrating task tbh, there were soooo many interesting options available!! *sobs in despair*

I'll share some of my university books with you guys soon (once I've bought most of the books I'll need for first semester) but until then, look out for a review/discussion of the first book off my reading list: Doris Lessing's truly timeless novel The Grass Is Singing

This summer has been really lovely. I know I'm using the word lovely far too much but it just seems like the most fitting description. When I had my last exam on May 11th, I was worried about HOW I would survive four months at home. The thought of endless days of boredom was sickening to me, but luckily, this summer was the opposite of what I had anticipated. My first year at uni had kicked the book addict part of me back into action and suddenly I wanted to read ALL THE BOOKS just like I did in my early teens :') so reading, and this blog became the perfect little things to fill up the long summer days. A few weeks into summer, my cousins from Pakistan came to stay! Our families share a bond as close as siblings, and it was lovely to spend time with them before they jetted off to Washington for a year. And then of course, the opening of my family's restaurant. We'd been working on this project with anxious anticipation for almost a year. It was a HUGE leap for us, and my siblings and I have been working there almost every day for the past six weeks to help make my family's dream a reality. We're all incredibly emotionally attached to everything related to the restaurant because it is a symbol of hope, and the start of something new, something better for my family. But more than anything, we want this restaurant to be a success for my dad's sake. He's been through more than I like to think about, and he deserves some real goodness in his life. 

I've read 11 books in the past four months, and I'm currently reading the 12th (Jane Eyre). Definitely not as much as I would've liked but I'm taking baby steps back into the book world, and life suddenly became ridiculously busy in the past few months too. So bear with me book blogger friends! 

I'm excited, if not a little nervous for what September, and the rest of this academic year has in store. I'm hoping to keep up with the blogosphere, as well as become more of a regular blogger myself! (no clue how I'm going to manage it alongside uni BUT HERE'S TO BEING OPTIMISTIC).

Until next time, friends!

How was your summer? Did you manage to get a lot of reading done? What's the best thing you've read this summer? And finally, what does September have in store for you?


  1. Wow, you seem like you had such a lovely first year :D I loved my college classes. I majored in political science and race & ethnic studies-- some were a bore, and some were amazing. And all those books!? Omg, I haven't read that many books in ages.

    M.Dee | Duty Free Dame

    1. Omg wow, your major sounds so interesting! I'd love to do something related to race/ethnic studies one day :')

  2. Best of luck in your second year, yay! I did quite a bit of reading this summer, just finished The Interestings (loved!), and currently reading Girl in Translation which is also excellent!

    1. Thank you! Girl In Translation sounds soooo interesting! Definitely seems like my kinda book, would love to know your thoughts when you finish :)

      Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  3. I'm excited because SUMMER IS COMING TO ME. *grabby hands* I really like hot weather, althoooough, i do love curling up under quilts with a book too. SO YEAH. x) Good luck with university! And, omg, you get to study Game of Thrones?! THAT is seriously cool.
    Thanks for stopping by @ Paper Fury!

    1. omg the whole opposite season thing still boggles my mind like summer in december?! Wheetttt??? Seems so cool though! Like for you, April means AUTUMN not spring... interesting. If I ever visit your part of the world I'll make sure not to do so in my summer holidays :')

      Thank you for reading and commenting Cait! x

  4. Oh, I LOVE these life update things! I'm so jealous of you for going back to uni - I finished my degree last year, and although I hated it at the time (general life hint: do not train to become a teacher if you do not want to BE a teacher!), now I really miss the back to school feeling. Urgh. Anway, JEALOUS.
    Also, your course modules sound FANTASTIC, so I'm envious of that, too. In a nice way, obviously!
    Oh, and congratulations on the family restaurant opening - I can imagine that that would be an insane amount of work and preparation, so go you!
    Beth x

    1. I was actually considering doing a PGC just for the sake of it (because I definitely don't want to be a teacher at this moment in time) so I'm glad you gave the tip! It's difficult to study anything that you're not interested in, and I think a huge part of the reason why I love uni is because I'm studying my favourite subject!

      Thank you for your kind words Beth! x

  5. I must say I am supr excited for the next couple of months on my side of the world! Spring is here! EEP! Your courses sound so awesome though! JEALOUS! Good luck with Uni :)

    1. Agh Spring in September?! HOW COOL. Thank you Kristin!


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