Thursday, 14 September 2017

Summer Adventures | The Countryside

I live in the suburbs of London, which means I am surrounded by endless rows of semi-detached houses, schools, local shops and the occasional park. As a lover of all things nature, I often find myself longing for wide expanses of greenery stretching out for miles and miles. It was only last year that I remembered the hidden pocket of open space about a half hour walk from where I live. I made the most of the few really lovely August days by walking there as often as I could this summer, sometimes with friends and sometimes with family, and spent a good few hours exploring the woods and fields each time.

I was beyond thrilled to discover horses grazing in some of the fields on one occasion. They really are majestic creatures. Plus ever since I began watching Heartland (currently on season 5) my love and appreciation for horses has only multiplied. The show also increased my growing desire to live in the countryside someday. Every time I watch it I get the urge to pack my bags and relocate to a ranch in Western Canada!

Seeing as that's unlikely, I'll settle for a quiet corner of rural England. Someday, hopefully. Until then I'll take whatever pockets of countryside I can get! If I can't live in the country just yet then I'm grateful to be living in the suburbs rather than the roaring heart of the city. I have always valued the quiet magic of the country over the enchanting lights of the city. One may cause moments of excitement and adrenaline, but the other brings with it a lifetime of contentment. I know which one I would choose.


  1. Dwellinbooks21 September 2017 at 01:42
    Beautiful pictures. I live in the suburbs too and find the countryside so peaceful and the perfect place to love. Oh wow you love heartland! I also absolutely LOVE heartland and can’t wait for season 11! Me and my sister ant to have a farm just like Amy’s in the future with lots of horses

    1. Hi! Thanks so much for your comment. I feel like we have very similar interests :') What a coincidence! Heartland is just SO good, and anyone who has any love for rural country can't help but love it! It would be a dream to live on a ranch like Heartland some day <3

    2. I just get very excited when I meet people with similar interests :D Yes it would be just amazing to live on a ranch! (I should probably learn how to ride a horse first)


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