Wednesday, 31 December 2014


18 things 2014 taught me in my 18th year:

1. You may reach a point in your life when you know with every fibre of your being that you cannot continue to exist in a state of constant, mind-numbing turmoil and frustration. In that moment you will be faced with two choices: either give up, or put in one last petrifying burst of effort and put an end to it. There is unparalleled bravery to be found in the depths of despair.

2. Heartbreak is just the beginning. 

3. Self-love is incredibly fragile. 

4. Do not seek validation from others. Find your worth within yourself.

5. Every once in a while it's ok to put your pride aside, and tell your family/friends how much you love them.

6. Work hard. Even when you feel as if your insides have been torn to pieces. Focus your pain and work. hard. I promise you, it will be so incredibly worth it. 

7. In the land of your ancestors you will find true contentment. In the land of your ancestors you will feel at home.

8. The sound of your mother tongue is sweet music to your ears.

9. It's ok to miss a place/person that is bad for you. Just as long as know you're better off without them.

10. A level results day has the potential to be one of the greatest days of your life. Refer to number 6.

11. Favourite tv shows and the best of books. Don't underestimate the comfort that can be found in such simple pleasures. 

12. Take a moment to breathe and present. Be present. Be aware of yourself and your surroundings. Be truly alive in the moment.

13. True friends will never stop being true friends. No matter how great the distance, and how different your lives.

14. You don't often meet someone who you have a genuine, wonderful and natural connection with. Enjoy it. 

15. Learn how and when to nip your feelings in the bud. It's not healthy to allow every frivolous attraction to progress.

16. When it comes to your dreams and ambitions, don't settle. No matter how vast and unattainable they may seem. Stay dedicated, and strive. 

17. Do not be afraid of standing alone against injustice. We live in a blind and overly indulgent world. Be careful not to lose yourself within it. 

18. You plan. God plans better. 


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