Sunday, 5 July 2015


Although there are actually SIX books in The Mortal Instruments series, I feel as if I've completed a trilogy after reading City of Glass.

You know all that horribleness between Jace and Clary in the first two books, which was causing me NO END of anxiety and giving me actual stomach aches? Well it was all thankfully resolved in City of Glass! *cries out of pure relief* There was a nice happy ending all neatly wrapped and tied in a bow (apart from the slightly loose ending which is Sebastian... that guy gives me the creeps).

I kind of want to cherish this moment of happiness between the characters, so I've decided to take a break before I dive into the last three books in the series, and read some other stuff instead! Plus, I read the first three in less than a week and my mind is actually exhausted from the intensity of it all.

As happy as I am with the last few chapters of City of Glass, I have to say the first part of the book dragged on a little too much :/ 

Personally I'm quite fond of intricate details and epic battle scenes, and I usually hate missing a word, but even I found myself resisting the urge to skim-read the first half of the book. And I was quite thrown off by the huge battle that took place so early on in the book! I had barely had time ot get into it before I was having to read an action-packed battle. Luckily, the pace really picked up in the second half and became the super gripping, intense roller-coaster ride great books like this can be! 

City of Glass definitely had it's hilarious moments but it was also full of SO MUCH ANGST, and I couldn't help but feel annoyed with Clary for acting life a whiny baby, and throwing detrimental temper tantrums half the time. Not cool Clarissa. 

Things with Clary and Jace got super heated which made me SO UNCOMFORTABLE for reasons I shall not mention but it was all resolved in the end so I didn't feel the need to actually throw up :)) 

And OH how much do we love Jace and Simon's blossoming love/hate bromance?! SO MUCH. Despite the fact that they pretty much hated each other, both Simon and Jace can't help but respect each other now, which will inevitably lead to fondness AND IT'S ALL SO DAMN CUTE. 

I loved all the character developments in City of Glass. From Alec's courage to Isabelle's vulnerability, and Simon's level-headedness, and Magnus' overall adorableness. It was so beautiful. And ugh Magnus is a sweetheart he really is. We get a much better insight into the workings of the minds of more characters thanks to the narration switching between them, rather than just focusing on Clary or Jace, which I really appreciated! 

Speaking of character developments... or lack of, as gutted as I was about Max, I felt like I hadn't got to know him enough, and hadn't had the opportunity to form more of an emotional connection with his character to be totally devastated. A moment like that should really move the reader, and personally, I wasn't that moved. Also I felt all the other characters moved on a little too quickly?! Like ok I get there's a war going on but I would've liked to see more hints of lingering grief in some of the characters. (Am I sadistic yet?) 

Also, I just have to share one of my favourite quotes from this book. I cried real tears when I read it.

"I love you, and I will love you until I die, and if there's a life after that, I'll love you then." 

Cry with me. 

Did you guys like the third book in the series? Did you also find it a little boring at times? Share your thoughts with me! 



  1. Clary really does start off in this series so puny and weak but eventually she gets stronger! Especially when you start the last 3 books. I kinda agree with you that that it could have actually ended in this book but I just love this series so much I wanted to hold on to it as long as I can! The Jace and Simon broromance is the freaking best. LOVE IT SO MUCH! Are you also excited for the TV show?! Ugh. Matthew Daddario is life. He is just so gorgeous I miss Lily Collins though! I love her. :( Have you read The Infernal Devices though?! It is the best!!! I love it more than TMI actually. Can't wait to fangirl with you once you start the other books!!! :)

    1. OMG YES I am so excited for the TV show!! I love the original movie cast though but can't wait for more shadowhunters on my screens :D I'm actually halfway through Clockwork Angel! I'm going to finish the trilogy before moving onto the last three TMI books, I'll let you guys know what I think of it all very soon!


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