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I was tagged by Ju over at Fictional Skylines almost a MONTH ago to do this tag but you know, life got in the way as it so often does.

I've never really differentiated much between pixar/disney/dreamworks movies but after making a few notes for this post I realised that Pixar was actually a pretty big part of my childhood! I mean I was basically obsessed with Toy Story, and sobbed like a baby while watching the third movie a few years ago. Plus Toy Story was what convinced me as a child that all my toys came alive when I wasn't looking. I spent way too long trying to catch them in the act :')

I basically know A Bug's Life word for word, and hello? Still waiting on The Incredibles #2!

Enough blathering. Onto the super important life-changing questions.

1) Warm-up! What's your favourite Pixar movie?

As much as I love all the movies mentioned above, I totally related to Meredith's free spirited nature (as well as her naivety), and the emotional mother-daughter scenes STOLE MY HEART. Plus, her hair! Those wild curls are to die for. And who wouldn't want to be super skilled with a bow and arrow?! WHEN CAN I BE THAT COOL.

2) Toy Story: Favourite childhood book that you never grew out of?

Y'all know the answer to this one. Y'all just know it. It's predictable, and been said by half the book blogging community, but I cannot deny the immense influence these books had on my entire life.

HARRY POTTER OF COURSE. Ugh. These books were my life. I've said it before, and I'll probably say it many more times. I even attempted to re-write the novels from the perspective of a new character when I was around 11. That is what you call dedication my friends. :')

3) A Bug's Life: A book that felt too similar to another popular book?

I recently reviewed this book here and touched upon this topic but I was a little disappointed with how similar Red Queen was to like a dozen other books! How do books like that get published when it's so obviously a mixture of a few other books mashed into one? Yes, it's an entertaining read but it made me lose faith in the publishing industry. Do books only get published based on what will sell? If so, how many pieces of true art go unpublished, and how many brilliant authors are neglected?

4) Monsters Inc: A villain you couldn't hate?

Ermergerd. ER-MER-GERD. Have y'all read the Inheritance Cycle by Christopher Paolini? If your answer is no, please exit this blog right now. (Just kidding. Please don't do that.) Fret not my friends, I plan to dedicate a post on the amazingness that is the Eragon series one day (saving it for a special occasion or something) but until then, let's talk about Murtagh.

The unwilling, unlikely villain. The young man with the troubled childhood and a life filled with bad luck. A man who grew up without the love of a parent, and became an unwilling but vital piece in an evil king's quest for power. Despite all this, despite how much he suffered, and what he was forced to do because of it, deep down Murtagh is a good man. And my heart just breaks for him.

5) Finding Nemo: Best family relationship you've read about?

I had to rack my brains a little for this one, I feel like I've read a lot of books where the protagonist has some sort of an issue with their family. Makes for an interesting plot I guess? BUT. The best/cutest/sweetest/most realistic family relationship I've read about is probably the Weasley's! The dynamics in that family are fantastic. There's so much humour, and also plenty of arguments, but at the end of the day they would do anything for each other. Literally die for one another. *sobs* I also love how Ron's insecurities were presented in the books (the movies really didn't do his character justice). Coming from a big family myself I could totally relate to all the little ups and downs that are part of the big family package deal!

6: The Incredibles: Superpower of a character you wish you had?

*cough* Edward Cullen *cough* 

I know being able to read minds is somewhat a controversial superpower to want. There's the whole invasion of privacy thing, and hearing things you wish you hadn't but COME ON. Wouldn't being able to hear someone's thoughts make life SOOOOO much easier?! Think about the ridiculous amounts of life-issues that could be resolved in the blink of an eye if only you knew what the other person was thinking. Yup. Mind-reading it is.

(Although I really wouldn't mind the ability to become invisible. That would be AWESOME and also solve much anxiety/would allow me to spy on people. muhahahaha.)

7) Cars: A book where the characters go on a road trip/travel a lot?

Urmmmm well road trip themed books aren't really my thang BUT. Christopher Paolini's characters basically travel around the whole of Alagaesia, usually on horseback, sometimes on foot, and if they're really lucky...on a dragon :D 

I feel like writing about the process of travelling is probably quite tricky but Paolini manages to make it very interesting! Respect. 

8) Ratatouille: Your favourite sidekick in a book?

I would say Jem from The Infernal Devices series, but Jem isn't actually a sidekick. Jem and Will may be startlingly different, but they're totally equal. 

I feel like the next best thing (at this moment in time) has to be Simon from The Mortal Instruments! He is so very hilariously sarcastic, and witty and awkward at the same time. The three things I find most endearing! 

9) Wall-E: What's your favourite (or top 5) dystopian book/series?

Ummm haha. I've only actually read The Hunger Games... (PLS DON'T KILL ME YA BOOK BLOGGERS) I probably will read more in the future (e.g. The Maze Runner) but though I like dystopian I'm not an immense fan, plus from what I've heard they all have too many similarities, and that's just not ok with me. 

10) Up: The most beautiful love story you've ever read?

Well damn. How you gonna drop a question like dat. das some deep shit. 

But no, in all seriousness, I have read way too many novels with a romance plot to be able to pick my favourite one, because the best one's are incredible in different ways! So I'll just go with the most recent beautiful love story I've read, which has to be the story of James and Sarah in Longbourn. Gah. It was lovely, intense, and heartbreaking, as well as peaceful <3 

11) Brave: The most badass heroine you've read about?

Hm. This is another tricky one. I feel like I haven't read enough books where the actual heroine/main character is totally badass, at least not in my opinion. Now that this has come to my attention,  I'll be making a conscious effort to branch out when it comes to the types of books I read!

Katniss Everdeen is obviously pretty badass, but I also really love Sophie, and Charlotte from The Infernal Devices! I know neither of them are the actual main character, but they both very much stick to their morals, and are fiercely loyal, and intelligent. Very much badass.

12) Inside Out: The book that gave you all the feels?

WHERE DO I EVEN BEGIN. Pretty much like 90% of the books I've read gave me all the feels. I basically crawled under my duvet covers after finishing Longbourn, and the first three TMI books gave me heart palpitations. I'm still too scared to re-read His Dark Materials because I remember how PAINFUL it was the first time. When I read Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows 8 years ago I basically had to mourn the end of my childhood for like three days. The feels were real. HOWEVER. I read a book called Tessa In Love when I was about 13. And to this day, I very much remember HOW MUCH I sobbed during that book. I think it might've been the first book that really made me feel like my heart had been broken.

And that's all from me folks! This post has really made me appreciate how beautiful Pixar movies actually are! Toy Story marathon needed ASAP. If you guys liked this tag have a go at it yourself, I'd love to see your responses :) 



  1. This tag looks like so much fun... even if I do firmly believe that Disney Classics are better than Pixar (CONTRAVERSIAL!!!!).
    Uh, and Murtagh COMPLETELY broke my heart when he became the baddie... I was so upset I refused to read the rest of the Inheritance series. Because that's a legitimate reason, apparently.
    (Oh, and I've only read three dystopia novels - which DO NOT include the Hunger Games - so I feel that I fail more at book blogging than you do. Just saying!)
    Beth x

    1. YOU NEED TO READ THE REST OF THE SERIES. Yeah sure there's plenty of heartbreaking stuff BUT IT'S WORTH A READ.
      Honestly I'm glad to not be the only one in book blogosphere who's not up to date with all things dystopia :')


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