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I finished reading Clockwork Princess today and there are so many emotions running rampage in me right now, but seeing as I'll be talking about Clockwork Prince in this post I've got to put my raging emotions aside. (For now.)

Disclaimer: Many Aaron Jonson gifs to come! (muhahahaha)

Ok! So. The second book in The Infernal Devices trilogy is Clockwork Prince, and it was definitely better than Clockwork Angel in my opinion. In fact, I gave it four whole stars on Goodreads

Main points:

Tessa: Still a little annoying, I couldn't help but be a little bewildered that she was passionately kissing two different guys in the space of a day?! The books are set in Victorian England, which makes the lack of restraint even more unusual. But I did like Tessa more this time around, simply because her sarcasm and retorts were pretty great in this book! I appreciated the hard time she was giving Will, because despite his valid reasons he treated her like garbage, and didn't deserve to be easily and instantaneously forgiven. 

Will: We got to see more of Will thanks to his scenes with Magnus. We discover the truth behind his cold, and confusing behaviour. We see his desperation, and his vulnerability. When Will was with Magnus he seemed more like a scared 17 year old rather than a big bad (mean) Shadowhunter. I love how protective Magnus was with Will, and how they ended up caring for each other in a purely respectful, and good intentioned way! THE FEELS ARE SO REAL. But, I still don't understand why Will loves Tessa so much?! Like ok you read her letters and felt her suffering, and saw that she could be strong but I feel like as readers we're missing a piece in the puzzle, what made him love her so fiercely that he finally sought help? Also, I find it weird that Will had NO IDEA about Jem's feelings for Tessa?! Hello?! Where is that parabatai 'I know what he's thinking without him saying anything' connection when you need it?! 

Sophie: WE GET TO READ THINGS FROM SOPHIE'S PERSPECTIVE YASSS. I love her. So much respect for her. She is dignified, loyal, strong, and fierce. Her morals are much more realistic to a Victorian setting, but also just fabulous in general. ALSO YAY FOR GIDEON LITTLE SWEETIE. 

Jem: Honestly I did not expect his relationship with Tessa to escalate like this! But at least I can make the connection between them, they actually spent some time with each other and fell for each other's personalities rather than all that 'I loved you from the moment I saw you' crap. But seriously why do people meet, and fall in love with such intensity and so quickly in the Shadowhunter world?! EVERYBODY CALM DOWN. Jem's sickness does put a time bomb on things so I guess the decisions he made are understandable, but all the declarations of love were far too long long-winded and cringe worthy tbh. *shudder* I love Jem though. How could I not? He is an absolute sweetheart, and mentally very strong. He's is a bright light in the lives of others, despite his own dark truth.

Jessamine: Guess she's just as shallow, selfish, and desperate as she comes across. A little disappointing but at the end of the day, some people really are exactly how they appear to be. 

Henry and Charlotte: SO GLAD THEY REALISED HOW MUCH THEY LOVE ONE ANOTHER SKDHJFHGJEGG. But again, their heartfelt conversation was way too long, and repetitive BUT STILL SWEET.


Ok. The moment when Will discovers the truth about his situation until the moment Tessa tells him about her relationship with Jem. Cassandra Clare wrote his transition from a wonderfully high cloud of happiness and hope to an absolutely hopeless, desperate and heartbroken boy so wonderfully well. Every word related to him in those scenes added to that emotional decline, and Tessa's reaction was exactly what needed to happen in that situation. Horrible, but effective stuff. 

I find myself struggling to remember what the plot actually was despite having only read it a few days ago... there was a lot of focus on Will's situation, which was fine and interesting but there was no sign of Mortmain, in fact he was hardly in the any of the books at all?! How am I supposed to tremble at the mere sight of a villain's name if his character is hardly developed? Yes, we found out why he is the way he is, but gah. It just wasn't enough. 

The Benedict Lightwood twist was great though! So did not see that coming :') 

Um guys. This was supposed to be a short post. In fact it was supposed to be a combination of both book two, and book three but I guess I just had too much to say! Clockwork Princess will just have to have it's own post :)

SO. What did you think of the rapid developments in Jem and Tessa's relationship? Did you predict Will's... predicament? What did you think of the plot itself? Also, are you as depressed by these Aaron Johnson GIFS as I am. Excuse me while I marvel/sob at his beauty.

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