Sunday, 11 October 2015


On the 6th of October, the beautifully illustrated edition of Harry Potter and The Philosopher's stone was released in stores. Apparently the world has known about this project since 2012, but when did I find out about it you may ask? ON THE MORNING OF THE 6TH OF OCTOBER. THROUGH INSTAGRAM. If it weren't for that fact that 70% of the accounts I follow are bookstagrams I probably wouldn't have known about it for a few more weeks! 

So there I am doing my daily morning scroll in bed and I come across this magnificent edition of Harry Potter?! My mouth dropped open. SHOCKED AND DELIGHTED ARE NOT SUFFICIENT TO DESCRIBE MY EMOTIONS. Naturally, my first move was to google the whole thing and read article's/watch Jim Kay interviews (I'm nothing if not thorough). I didn't actually think of buying it ASAP surprisingly enough. We have so many editions of the books at home that if felt like an illogical purchase, but when I saw the illustrations... especially the portraits I was like... dayumn. This was something entirely different. In the entire Harry Potter phenomenon this was something new. And being a classic cliche HP fan since the age of 7... this was something I had to have.

It arrived in the post the next day, and I've been marvelling at it's beauty ever since. (By marvelling I mean stroking the pictures and getting all nostalgic and teary eyed.)

These are just SOME of my favourite illustrations! 

How cute is Diagon Alley! So perfectly rickety :')

Hagrid's Hut! I think of pumpkin's, a large fire, rock cakes, Buckbeak, and of course, Norbert ;) 

The scene with Draco and Neville's remembrall! This illustration is so perfectly autumnal <3

My boo <3

Hello Norbert! (Dragons are my favourite mythological creature EVER.)

Ok. This portrait of Harry is my favourite thing. I love how the only pop of colour is the colour of his eyes! It's beautiful. There is so much depth and emotion in his little face. He's the almost-broken little boy with no parents, who had no memory of ever being loved for the first 11 years of his life. Agh. Excuse me while I sob. 

Jim Kay did an incredible job. I appreciate that he didn't stick to the image of the actors that we've all had in our minds for the past decade. His illustrations are true to the novel, and brings it to life in ways that a movie could never hope to do.

Have you guys bought this edition? Do you want to? And even if you're not huge HP fans, do you love the pictures?! (I bet you do.)


  1. Oh my goodness, it's even more beautiful than I imagined! <3 Thank you for sharing these photographs - I haven't had a chance to go into a shop and have a flick through, as I won't be able to buy a copy for a while. I will keep revisiting this post until I get my own copy hahaha. Diagon Alley and Hagrid's hut are perfect!

    You have a lovely blog :) are you on Goodreads? I'd love to keep up with what you're reading on there! New follower :)

    1. I couldn't NOT take pictures of it tbh, the illustrations are so very photogenic!

      Thank you! I love your blog too! I've also just added you on Goodreads, I'm looking forward to getting familiar with your blog, and you're very welcome to mine :)

  2. What a beautiful book! I recently watched all the Harry Potter films and I keep quoting them. I study English Literature so I love all books and I love your blog too :)


    1. They're so ridiculously quotable right?! Thanks for stopping by Lissy!

  3. Omggggg THOSE PICTURES ARE ABSOLUTELY STUNNING. I didn't even really think about needing this but...*whispers* I think I need it. I love those illustrations so much, and so much expression in the faces. This post = gorgeous.

    1. AAGHHH THANK YOU CAIT. I know how much you love all things booktography :D

      Anyone who is anyone ever needs this tbh.

  4. OH THIS IS BEAUTIFUL. I am mildly (read: WILDLY) jealous of you right now. Also, can I just congratulate the marketing team for publishing ANOTHER must have version of Harry Potter in October, AKA the month when we just want to snuggle and wear socks and bobble hats and read cute, lovely things. *sighs wistfully*
    Right, I'm off to add this to my Christmas wishlist ASAP - thank you for sharing your beautiful photos, Alliyah!
    Beth x

    1. Thank you Beth! And you're totally right, autumn is the best time for this kind of thing! Honestly the HP marketing team must be rolling in money because they have done a damn good job these past 15 years :')

  5. Aww lucky you!! I had known about this book a while ago but I forgot it :O I have to buy it. It's so beautiful. <3


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