Monday, 28 March 2016


So the other day I was telling my dad about the crazy lengths I went to as a kid just to read when I should've been asleep. I share a bedroom with my grandmother, which definitely wasn't the easiest of things in my early teens when I wasn't allowed to stay up past 11pm. A tragedy I know. I distinctly remember waiting for her to fall asleep and then pulling my book out from under my pillow and reading it beneath my covers using the torch from my iPod. Most of the time that would work fine but the one time I attempted to read an 800 page hardback under the covers it definitely didn't work so well! Surprisingly. 

I also 

2) Sat on the stairs until God knows what time of the night until I turned the final page of Mansfield Park. First of all, what 12 year old is so hooked by Austen that she'll risk getting caught by her parents and grandmother in the middle of the night for a 19th century classic? I was a strange child. 

3) I used to shove my book into my pyjama bottoms (hoping the elastic around my waist would keep hold of it) and HOBBLE to the bathroom where I would read in peace for about half an hour until my grandmother either noticed I'd been gone too long (she's a very light sleeper) or I felt I was pushing my luck and hobbled back into bed. Please don't judge me. 

4) I slept with at least 2/3 books under my pillow every night, and they were usually hardbacks. How did I ever not get a horrific neck cramp?

5) I would wake up super early just so I could continue reading whatever I was hooked on at the time. God, sleep really gets in the way of a gripping storyline. Such an inconvenience. 

I think that's pretty much it! Of course, these days my eyelids start drooping by 11pm anyway, which is annoying seeing as I am now a whole TWENTY YEARS OLD, and thus old enough to sleep whenever I want (obviously the most important and anticipated part of being a grown up) but now I like to sleep for an average of 8-10 hours.... so I tend to choose sleep over staying up all night reading... my 14 year old self would be so disappointed. 

So what about you guys? Have you ever done anything a little unconventional because you just NEEDED to know what happened next? Tell all, friends. Tell all. 


  1. Point 4 just made me laugh so hard!
    I love your passion for books and words :) x

    1. Thank you so much! I'm glad my words could muster up any sort of emotion :')

  2. This post made me smile since I too may have done at least one of the above ;)....(I'll leave you to guess..!)
    I remember the summer that the last Harry Potter book came out, I was on an expedition to Mexico, with no phones allowed. Since the book was coming out mid-trip [& I'd already pre-ordered the book so it would be ready and waiting for my return, as had most of my friends] we'd made a pact to NOT read/buy the book whilst abroad. Well..let's just once one person had cracked under Potter-Mania pressure...the rest of us weren't far behind & we literally took turns to read & pass around that 1 copy over the trip. No one needed more than 1-2 days to read it..and I came home to my new copy & read it again...!
    Ana xxx

    1. Tbh WHO could resist the temptation of a newly published potter novel?! That's basically how my sibling and I did it too. We read it in turns and passed it around, but my mum had to buy us two copies because one just wasn't enough to share between us! I read it in 3 days, and my family was kind enough to not disturb at all during that time, I don't even think I changed out of my pyjamas LOOOL. The only time I paused was to eat, sleep, and use the loo :') Potter mania is so very real. But it's also so very special.


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