Sunday, 19 June 2016


It took a whole year, but I finally got round to completing The Mortal Instruments series. City of Bones was actually one of the first YA novels I read last year to help me get out of my reading slump (you can read my review of it here) and it was such a wonderful reminder of everything I love about the genre. Funny, energetic, and full of so. much. angst. I paused after the first three books in the series to read The Infernal Devices, which I'm really glad I did seeing as some important characters from that series popped up in the last few TMI books! But then uni started in September and I had absolutely no time to read anything that wasn't degree related. I completed my second year in May, and made it my priority to complete The Mortal Instruments. And I finally have.

After 8 months of reading pretty intense adult literature, I found it a little difficult to slip back into YA without facing some mental resistance. I wasn't impressed with City of Fallen Angels at all, the writing felt quite sloppy, and the book itself didn't add much to the series. City of Lost Souls managed to restore some of my faith in Cassandra Clare as the writing was much more concise, sharp, and witty BUT. No one, literally NO ONE in the book could keep their hands off each other?! I rolled my eyes so many times I thought they'd roll right out of my head. I felt like I was forcing myself to complete this series just for the sake of it until I reached the last 100 or so pages of City of Lost Souls, which totally turned the book around for me and made me excitedly reach for City of Heavenly Fire

The final book in the series had a surprising opening. Cassandra Clare introduced a whole bunch of much younger characters, who were of course somehow connected to the original characters. I know the Emma and Julian scenes could be seen as a little irrelevant but for me they were so refreshing and really hooked me back into the series. Clare's writing style was perfect in this last book and the characters managed to somewhat keep their hands to themselves HUZZAH. Although Jace literally had to have HEAVENLY FIRE burning through his veins for half the book for that to happen -_- It left more room for character building in my opinion, and Clary and Jace actually became a shadowhunting bad-guy chasing TEAM. Finally. While most of the last book was great, the ending was brilliant and beautiful. So so so so good. It completely stole my heart, had me sobbing and pulled me right. back. into the shadowhunter world. Just when I think I'm through with Cassandra Clare she sends me spinning back in. So I splurged a little and bought The Bane Chronicles, and Lady Midnight both of which I thought I wouldn't read, having convinced myself that I was 'over' the shadowhunter world. Ha. 

And now I am SO excited to read about Emma and Julian in Lady Midnight even though I know it's going to break my heart with all the angst because PARABATAI'S CAN'T FALL IN LOVE WITH EACH OTHER ETC. You'd think knowing this would keep me away but, alas. Humans are strange creatures. We seem to thrive off our own feelings of pain, and seek entertainment in the form of mental torture. Weird. 

Have you guys read The Bane Chronicles or Lady Midnight? Thoughts? IS IT WORTH THE PAIN. 


  1. Haha I'm the exact same with Cassandra Clare. I THINK I'm over it, but then at some point I end up reading her books again. I only read the first Infernal Devices book and never continued with the series (I didn't hate it, but it just kind of felt like a less good TMI and I wasn't intrigued enough to continue right away and then forgot too much to read the next book? Maybe I'll check out the recap on recaptains and then continue reading it at some point... see, I'm already considering it again! :D). I did NOT like City of Fallen Angels and only like City of Lost Souls marginally more (it was better than Fallen Angels, but I got very frustrated with how often Jace's hair was described as gold and Sebastian's as silver(?) - I counted the mentions just for one chapter and it was a very high number), BUT for some reason I really loved City of Heavenly Fire again. I didn't plan to read Lady Midnight, but now I'm sort of considering it again? I DON'T EVEN KNOW, ALLIYAH AND WHY AM I YELLING AT YOU. :D I read one of the Magnus Bane stories and wasn't enthusiastic about it tbh. I think it's just because they hyped his past so much that I expected more.

    1. ok so TID was definitely NOT the best series in terms of the writing and the plot but Cassandra Clare has such a way with creating beautiful relationships (platonic and familial as well as romantic) and she does it best in TID! I read The Bane Chronicles and though it was an entertaining read I don't think it's worth spending money on... awks for me. But I did just finish reading Lady Midnight and omg. You NEED to read it. I think it may just be my favourite Cassandra Clare novel yet. It's that good.


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